Algae Removal

Algae thrive in warm water and can quickly build up on surfaces like rocks or tiles around your pool, which makes for a slimy feeling when you go swimming. It also smells bad and can cause irritation on sensitive skin (especially if you have allergies).

When you have a pool, algae is something that will eventually grow. This can be left to take over your whole pool or removed with a professional quality Delray Pool Cleaner. These cleaners are designed to remove all of the algae from your pool and make sure it never comes back again. In this article, we will discuss how these cleaners work and what they can do for you!


Algae are plants, but they can grow in water. This is why algae must be removed with a swimming pool cleaner – if you use chemicals to kill the algae it will also kill all of your fish! Algae usually start growing when there’s too much sunlight and warmth around (that means summer!) The more time that passes without being used, the more algae can grow. These algae must be removed before they can spread to other surfaces because once the bigger pieces of slime dry out they become very difficult to get rid of and will require a lot more work.


Usually, the first-way algae build-up is on rocks and tiles around your pool. This can make it very slippery when you go swimming and also makes for a pretty bad smell (especially if there’s been rain). It can even irritate sensitive skin, which means that removing the slime as soon as possible will ensure optimal comfort for swimming.

There are two ways you can remove algae from your pool: manually and with a specialist device such as the Delray Pool Cleaner. The process for both is similar, however, using one of these cleaners will ensure that not only do you get rid of all slime build-up but also prevent it from growing back again! This cleaner has two rotating brushes that work together to remove algae buildup from every angle. It will even clean the sides of your swimming pool!


Keep a Good Water Balance

This means that you should test your water regularly for chlorine levels and make sure there’s enough of it to kill all the algae in its path (but not too much so as to irritate the skin). It is also important to check if your pH level is balanced. If this isn’t kept at an optimum level, algae will be able to grow much more easily.

Clean Your Pool Regularly

It is important to clean your pool every week at least and preferably sooner depending on how much use it gets. This will ensure that the water stays fresh and free from algae for as long as possible! If you do all of these things then there’s no reason why your pool shouldn’t be clean.

Keep Water Filter Clean

If you have a pool filter, it is important to ensure that this stays clean too. The more time the water spends in your pool before being filtered through these machines means there’s more opportunity for algae to grow! However, if you keep up on cleaning and changing the filters then algae won’t stand a chance!


Delray Pool Cleaners is a pool service company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly algae removal services for customers all across Florida. Whether you want to remove green pond scum from your water or get rid of black algae on tiles and walls, we can help! Give us a chat today if you would like more information about our affordable rates and how we use safe chemicals to give you crystal clear water without damaging your pool equipment or surfaces.